Here is a rich background (and foreground) for the Dune Chronicles including scholarly bypaths and amusing sidelights Some of the contn buttons are sure to arouse controversy, based as thev are on question able sources Others round out long speculation Specialists have had their field day here with problems geological, biological astronomical and mystical, with pronounciations, major biographies histories and accounts of little-known figures The range of topics is catholic cf from games for amusement to games of life and death (Cheops or Pyramid Chess to "The Assassins' Handbook' ) The history of the Financial Synod which spawned CHOAM gets its first airing in these pages In fact, many secrets hidden in the Dune Chronicles are answered here How did Irulan first gam and then arouse the displeasure of Ghamma7 Who was Jehanne Butler and why does the Butlerian Jihad carry her name? What are the hidden origins of the Spacing Guild? Where did spice-trance navigational techniques develop? What was Leto ll's private opinion of Holy Sister Qumtimus Violet Chenoeh? Does Cheops have something in common with the three-body problem? I must confess that 1 found it fascinating to re-enter here some of the sources on which the Chronicles are built As the first Dune fan, I give this encyclopedia my delighted approval, although I hold my own counsel on some of the issues still to be explored as the Chronicles unfold Frank Herbert Port Townsend, WA November 1983 THE DUNE ENCYCLOPEDIA A Berkley Book/published by arrangement with the author PRINTINO HISTORY Berkley trade paperback edition/June 1984 All rights reserved. Copyright (c) 1984 by Dr. Willis E. McNelly Designed by Jeremiah B Lighter This book may not be reproduced in whole or in part, by mimeograph or any other means, without permission. For information address: The Berkley Publishing Group, 200 Madison Avenue, New York, New York 10016 ISBN 0-425-06813-7 A BERKLEY BOOK * TM 757,375 Berkley Books are published by The Berkley Publishing Group, 200 Madison Avenue, New York, New York 10016. The name "BERKLEY" and the stylized "B" with design are trademarks belonging to Berkley Publishing Corporation. , HUNTED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INTRODUCTION Snippets of poetry from the Impcnum, a Sample folk tale from the Oral History, bnef biographies of over a dozen Duncan Idahos, two differing approaches to Paul Muad'Dib himself and to his son, Leto II, Fremen recipes, Fretnen history secrets of the Bene Gessent, the songs of Gurney Halleck-these are just some of the treasures found when an earthmover fell into the God Emperor s no room at Dar-es-Balat, and are now included in The Dune Encyclopedia Dozens of scholars have rushed into print with their translations of one or more of the nduhan crystals, and the popular press on many planets has been filled with hypothesis, conjecture, and outright fabrication In the meantime literally hundreds of sccholars, ranging from anthropohnguists and cultural historians to professors of every facet of science, have been laboring quietly and patiently with the incredible amount of material left hidden by Leto II nearly eighteen hundred years ago The labors of the Library Confraternity have finally brought some order to the chaotic randomness of the no-room artifacts While only a very small percentage of the extant material has been either unearthed or translated and little has received any kind of scholarly evaluation, nonetheless enough progress has been accomplished to present this initial volume of The Dune Encyclopedia This book has been the work of literally dozens of scholars who have contributed their efforts so that readers on worlds from one end of the galaxy to another may finally have a clear, coherent picture of the legendary days of Paul Muad'Dib and his son Leto Atreides, known during his 3,500-year lifetime as the "God Emperor "

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Readers of The Dune Encyclopedia should understand Us limitations it is not designed as a definitive study of the entire eras encompassed by the Atreides Impenum Yet the thousands of descendants of Duncan Idaho and Siona Atreides can now, after the recovery from the dcletenous effects of the Starvation and the Scattering, learn something of their ancestors and the conditions that produced the God Emperor They may also become aware of the undercurrents that resulted in his Fail However, if readers of this volume are searching for the formulae which cover the electronic intricacies of the Spacing Guild trans-light Ixian Navigational systems, they will be disappointed This type of material already exists elsewhere and need not be duplicated on these pages Rather it has been the aim of the editors and the Library Confraternity to present in this volume a broad spectrum of material concerning those events and people which shaped our present worlds In addition, we must also consider something of the eccentricities of Lord Leto who was solely responsible for accumulating, assembling, and secreting what is now known as the Rakis Hoard If Leto was interested in some topic the material was saved If he was not, its absence in the Rakis digs is obvious Furthermore if he was amused by some scrap of information, he preserved it, even though raan> contemporary scholars feel the information may well have been false or misleading in the first place.

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